Monday, June 13, 2011

Technologically Challenged

After making a Treasury for our Expat Team on Etsy, and accidentally deleting the WHOLE THING, I re-searched all my items and their listing numbers and finally got it saved. At least my memory was working!
I thought I'd found a better way to create a treasury in record time (without intending to delete it) and was all proud of myself, but then my bubble burst. Apparently there is even a BETTER way - if not a BEST way to go about this.
Anyway ... this is what I came up with, the theme this week is Sea Life, just scroll over a photo to see more info, and click on it to go to that shop.
Enjoy Shopping,

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Etsy Expat Team

A little self-promotion here. We belong to the Etsy Expat Team, because as you know, Alysen is an expat. This is a great team, lots of camaraderie, VERY nice and hospitable members, AND they like to blab, just like me/us! How much better can a group of Expats get?
So I just have to brag about them a little. Most, if not all, items in this Treasury are shops run by expats, amazing people doing amazing things in amazing countries, and making life in another country (or state) work to their advantage ... BTW, our item is that Little Green Bag. Thanks Julie,