Flowers ... Theme Challenge Reveal & Blog Hop

I joined in on July's Theme Challenge hosted by Art Elements. Team member Marsha chose Flowers as the theme and I immediately signed up. I didn't participate in last month's Silkies theme, deciding instead to concentrate on a new jewelry collection.
Well, that didn't go as planned and while I'm ecstatic to have had the best Biz month ever, my collection hasn't advanced as much as I'd hoped. In fact, I just finished up another custom order today before allowing myself the time to get this post started. If I could function on less than 5 hours of sleep, much more could get accomplished. But at this age I've acquired some smidges of wisdom and I know my limits.
Time crunches aside, I did manage to get two pieces done, and truth be told, they're doing double-duty since flowers are essential to Bees, which are the focus of that collection mentioned above.

The first piece is a Brass Sunflower that I torch-painted last month before a bee came and attached …

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