Pawprints in the Snow .. February Snow Moon

This year I set myself a Personal Challenge to interpret the Full Moon each month. January's was the Wolf Moon and also my AEChallenge piece that I blogged about.

February's Full Moon is otherwise known as the Snow Moon, occuring today, February 19, 2019 @ 10:53 a.m. Atlanta (ET) time, which is where I am at the moment. We'll see it as full tonight and tomorrow night too (if no clouds). This site is my go-to for this info and the app on my phone.

Those of you who read my blog posts know that I'm away from home and starting on my 3rd year of MomCare here in the States. Mom just had her 96th birthday at the beginning of Feb. and still going strong mentally!
You also know that I frequently post about how I really miss my Sweet Cannelle too. If you have pets you know how I feel.😿 This Snow Moon project was inspired by pictures I took about 8 years ago of her foray into the snowy front garden and the prints she left behind. First the inspiration ....

She only stayed out ab…

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