July Seedpod Reveal & Blog Hop

July's Art Elements' Design Challenge is Seedpod, chosen by Jennifer Cameron. At first I thought 'Aye aye aye', then after perusing the big G, I kinda sorta had an idea. I wanted to tie it in with one of my interests, Celtic Folklore, and also using Wireweaving. So I went back to 'perusing' with some other key words and finally settled on .... the Coco de Mer!!

This very particular palm has only one geographical habitat, which is in the Seychelles. It's become a sort of tourist attraction, as you can well imagine. Here's a Wiki article about it and if you speak/read French or are linquistically adventerous, here's one from the source. Actually, pictures can tell the story too. This palm has a male appendage also, as you'll see in these articles ... I'll hold my comments! But, by all means, please DO.

I love the shape and tied it in with a Goddess figure (one of my other interests). I worried (for about  30 15 seconds) that it would be a litt…

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