Shoot for The STARS! Design Challenge Reveal & Blog Hop

Let's shoot for the Stars!! November's Art Elements Design Challenge was Stars, chosen by Laney Mead. This theme has given LOTS of inspiration, 22 artists decided to participate. At the end of the post are links to all the fab entries get settled in with your fave beverage and feast on some eye candy. I usually take a couple of days to get through ALL the blogs. And yes, I really read each one, hope you do to. Awhile back, I read that most people nowadays only read 200 characters at the most!! Scorn, scorn, scorn ...
I had a definite idea of what kind of star I wanted to make YAY! and even the medium I was going to use. I got started a little late, but knew I'd be able to get it done, no problem. Guess what? Problem! More about that catastrophe in a few lines ... but first, my Faery Star (or Fairy, Faerie, Elven) with an Evil Eye smack in the middle.
A small excerpt about what faery stars are: Seven Pointed Stars, called "Faerie or Elven Stars" represent a gift f…

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