Gargoyles Watching & Weeping

Another month has come and gone (almost) and April's Theme Challenge is Repurposing. Chosen by Lesley Watt of the Art Elements Team, this subject is really 'a propos' in today's eco-conscious society. Many people aren't yet on the bandwagon, but hopefully they'll realize the ultra-importance of recycling and repurposing for the generations to come.

Update May 1, 2019~ My Gargoyles are apparently Grotesques, but in this post, I'll continue to name them as gargoyles although now I know the difference. See image at bottom of page .. 

So ... I knew the minute I saw Lesley's subject what I was going to do. I went down to the local thrift store, bought some belts and scored ... although they're under $3.00, that day happened to be a 'green' day so I got one at 50% off!!

And then Notre Dame de Paris burned!! I happened to switch on the news on April 15, & the breaking news was this. The roof was on fire and had just started about 10 minutes bef…

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