Design Challenge & Reveal (Art Elements: Tidepools)

It's the end of the month and you know what that means ... we get to drool overfeast our eyes on all the art that this May Theme Challenge has inspired! Thank you Lesley Watt. At the end of this post are the links for each individual artist's blog. From all the peek-a-boos posted on social media during the month, methinks that many, many artists jumped into this pool.

I wanted to try out a couple of new techniques and I can report now that they F.A.I.L.E.D. I'll blog about them in a couple of weeks, after I waste more time trying to figure out why, why, why???
So let's get on with what DID work, the ideas and the finished work. Like most of my fellow artists, I have 3 or more projects clouding my brain and 'atelier' at any given moment. The following two are the ones that got finished in a timely manner.
I have some dyed Agate Slices in brown and blue and used one of the blue ones as my Tidepool. I really wanted to add something to the middle, but kinda ran out…

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