March Full Moon Challenge, The Worm Moon

March's Full Moon is tonight & it's also known as the Worm Moon. I set a personal challenge (p.c.) this year to make at least one item honoring each month's full moon. An open invitation stands to anyone who wants to join me.

I'm immensely enjoying my new leather obsession and painting on leather satisfies a creative outlet that I haven't explored in at least 25 years!! I realized that the last 3 challenges involving the Moon have turned out to be Hair Slides so I'll continue the year on that note.

This Month's leather piece also honors the Swallows that return each March. Being a native Southern California Gal, we were especially attentive to the San Juan Capistrano Mission swallows coming back every year. The S.J.C. Swallows are Cliff Swallows. All swallows don't have forked tails, and the ones we identify as Swallows are Barn Swallows. I also found out that another species of birds called Kites have forked tails.
So my Swallow is painted with sev…

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