Au Revoir les Etats-Unis ... A bientôt ...

Well, the time has come to say a temporary, but nonetheless heart-wrenching, goodbye to my family who so generously took me in 3 years ago as a boarder so we could properly care for our aged, handicapped Mom. Here's my last post about that and my plan to go back home after she passed on November 13, 2019, just about two months ago.
I'm flying out today, maybe even before you read this post depending on where in the World you are.

Here are some updates about our Etsy shop, and future plans (that could evolve).
First and foremost, I sincerely hope that Current & Future U.S. Customers will not find the extra few days and extra shipping cost to be a deterrent to acquiring The Adornment of your desires. I built the Jewelry line from scratch 2.6 years ago, reviving our shop, honing my skills and enjoying somewhat of a following for some of my more Unique Outlander-Inspired Jewelry pieces. See *below for more about those.

- I will leave my jewelry listings active and am slowly ch…

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