Au Revoir les Etats-Unis ... A bientôt ...

Well, the time has come to say a temporary, but nonetheless heart-wrenching, goodbye to my family who so generously took me in 3 years ago as a boarder so we could properly care for our aged, handicapped Mom. Here's my last post about that and my plan to go back home after she passed on November 13, 2019, just about two months ago.
I'm flying out today, maybe even before you read this post depending on where in the World you are.

Here are some updates about our Etsy shop, and future plans (that could evolve).
First and foremost, I sincerely hope that Current & Future U.S. Customers will not find the extra few days and extra shipping cost to be a deterrent to acquiring The Adornment of your desires. I built the Jewelry line from scratch 2.6 years ago, reviving our shop, honing my skills and enjoying somewhat of a following for some of my more Unique Outlander-Inspired Jewelry pieces. See *below for more about those.

- I will leave my jewelry listings active and am slowly changing the ship from country in each one. If I've forgotten one or two, please do let me know via the Etsy Message system.
- I will not be putting the shop on location.
- Chic Chix & Champagne is in U.S. Dollars and will stay that way. It's U.S.-based. Peggy is my business partner and plans on finally coming off of hiatus in the next few months.
- The date of 1/20/20 mentioned on Etsy is a shoot-for date to be fairly recovered from jet-lag. Unpacking & organizing the finished, ready-to-ship pieces will be another couple of days.
- I hope to be set up for Metalsmithing (sturdy bench, torches, tumbler for hardening and polishing) by the middle of February.

*I have finished some New Beginnings Sterling Silver & Copper Pendants.They are listed in the shop as Ready to Ship from France. You will still have a choice of cord length since I will finish each one with a Clasp / Hook as ordered (I hope they will get ordered :) ....
As mentioned in that last post, I had planned on leaving these in the U.S. for my sister to send out for me, but decided to take & mail them from France so she wouldn't have extra work to worry about. After all, she has a house to run, 2 teenagers in various sports, a husband who travels & Mom's room to clean out.
- I have set shipping to the U.S. as $7.50 for these pendants. If it's more at "La Poste" then all the better for you, the buyer. When I find out all the new tariffs I will update our Policies / Shipping section and reflect any prices in each listing. Until then, it's a win-win situation for you!
- Four years ago, shipping times from France to the U.S. were 7-10 days. Sometimes sooner, but I never heard from anyone who said arrival was later, or that package never arrived.
- Tracking numbers do not exist for small packages sent outside of France. They stop tracking when the package passes the border. I believe there are other options to track, but IMHO they would be exhorbitant. I will investigate and add this info to the Policies section on Etsy.

I will certainly be following and posting on social media and will be ready in February to join in the monthly challenges sponsored by the Art Elements team that I've become so fond of.
For those who don't yet follow us, here are the links:
** facebook:
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** Blog:

Next time we communicate, I will be on the other side of the Pond. I look forward to hearing from you ... don't be shy!
Bisous, Alysen


  1. Good luck for new beginnings Alysen!

  2. Thank you Divya! Just woke up from a small nap, and perhaps the end of jet lag :). Yes, this is yet another "new beginning'' in my life ...

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