Saturday, November 26, 2016

Greetings from California!

It is hard to believe that it has been more than two years since we have posted on our blog. Time truly does fly.
We may have been absent from the blog, but have been creating. My thought is creative people HAVE to create or bad things happen.
We are ready to share what we have been doing.
Please visit our Etsy shops:
We are planning a flash sale or two before the holidays. We will have some additional offerings in addition to adding new items.
The "Chic Chix" will be offering gift certificates in your choice of denomination, so your friends and family can choose their own custom made items or have something special created for them.
We support our local and online independent business owners, so please consider making some if not all of your holiday purchases from them. We will be posting some of our favorites.

Take care,

Thursday, October 23, 2014


I'm baaack! No, I did not forget. No, I was not ignoring the blog. Well, maybe a bit because I am way behind on Project Redesign.
Life just has a way of helping me sometimes change my priorities. Instead of working on my redesigned version of the winning Project Runway design for each episode, I have spent time and energy on something that ended up not working out. Now, I am finishing up Halloween costumes. I altered a "chimp" costume for my great nephew and am making a vampire eagle costume for my oldest granddaughter (she's 7). Yep, that's right, vampire eagle. I don't know why she chose a vampire eagle (I asked but didn't get a comprehensible response), but when a grandchild asks you to make something, I do my best to accommodate them. I will include a photo on my next posting.
So, my plan was to have all the Project Redesigns done before the Project Runway finale. Alas, The finale is tonight and unless I stop time or manage to reverse it I will not be done. Fingers crossed that the stars are aligned this weekend and I get everything done.
I am looking forward to seeing the final collections. They are always so inspiring. I will be settling in this Friday with a glass of wine (or 2) and my laptop to take it all in. I know, PR is on Thursday, but I don't have cable. Thanks to Heidi and the folks at PR, I get to see everything the next day.
Signing off for now to make sure both costumes are ready to ship out tomorrow.
Ciao for now,

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Project Redesign Episodes Four and Five

 My challenge continues with my redesign for episodes 4 and 5.
What's with all the fringe? I have never been a big wearer of fringe so working on these last three designs have been a bigger challenge than the first three.
For those who are reading our blog for the first time here is a recap of what I am doing. Basically, I
love Project Runway and I redesign clothing so I decided to give myself a challenge and redesign the Project Runway weekly winners using my thrift store finds and materials from my stash. Needless to say, I am not usually able to recreate the designs as they were presented on the show. So, I either go for something as close as possible or something that represents the essence of what the judges liked about the design. You can check everything out at
The winner for week four was Amanda. Her design is below. They were given vintage men's formal wear to redesign.
My interpretation is a bit more everyday than the winner. I started with a gray knit empire dress. I used cotton knit for the fringe and added accents of silk triangles.

The winner for week five was Sean. The challenge was a red carpet look for Heidi Klum. I don't buy formal wear so I used a slip for my basic design. I dyed it turquoise. I made an overlay in silk and added a contrast at the hem. One of the comments of the judges was that they liked the fringe contrast.
Here is Sean's look:

Here is my redesign:

I am off to get my redesigns done for weeks 6-8.
Ciao for now,

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Ponderings and Gratitude

I invite all those folks who deny there is global warming to come to Southern California right now. Last night it was hotter at 2:00 AM then it was at 10:00 PM. That's just not right! It is so hard for me to get anything done in this heat (even with air conditioning and fans). The forecast is for a bit cooler weather the next few days. Yahoo!
Now, I can get back to working on all of the projects I have lined up.
I have to give a gratitude shout out to all the folks who check out our online shops. And an extra special thank you for those who purchase from us. We so appreciate being able to do what we would love to do.
One of my favorite things is a custom order. I enjoy the challenge of making something special for someone. I must admit it can be a bit nerve racking, will they like it, will it fit......
Here are a couple of sweater coats that I have made for a very special lady. She looked at our shop, but didn't find anything that she liked that would fit her. She contacted me about doing a custom order.
So here is the first coat I did for her:

Here are her comments about her coat:
I just received my sweater is beautiful!! I love it and it fits awesome!! I love the "top"sweater..most button sweater pull and this one doesn't
  Love your work!!

It is a good feeling to know that someone appreciates your work. For me it is extra special when someone makes another purchase from us. I love it that we have someone who gets an idea of something she wants and is confident that we can put it together for her.
So here is what I just did for the same person above. She wanted a "rainbow" sweater coat. This was a bit more of a challenge. I wanted to get the colors just right. You would think with all of the sweaters I have in my stash that it wouldn't be a problem. Wrong. I think it took me longer to search for the right color of sweaters then it did to make it. I have to say that she was happy with the photos. I hope she will be just as happy when she sees it in person.
Stayed tuned for my catch up on Project Redesign.
Ciao for now,


Monday, September 1, 2014

Project Redesign Week Three

I trust the folks in Canada and the US had an awesome Labor Day.
I had fun "laboring" (actually, not a labor since I love doing  it!) on my week three Project Runway redesign.
Here is the winning look:

I have to admit, this was a challenge. I have a lot of "stash". but nothing that resembles the trim on this dress.
What to do?
Here are the materials I ended up using:

The white sweater dress had a deep raglan sleeve that I removed. I shaped the bodice to resemble the Project Runway look.
I used a gold metallic sweater and  a dark copper metallic sweater scrap to recreate the metal trim.
Here is my final creation:

What do you think?
I am off to get week four done. I am determined to get caught up this week.
Don't forget to check out Project Runway on Thursday nights. You can also check them out at
Please consider buying local, from small businesses, and from independent artists.
Ciao for now,