Monday, April 9, 2012

Facebook Fans Celebrate!

We recently got our Facebook Page up and running (Yay!). I've been spending alot of time and effort getting the word out and it's paid off. We're having a sale in our Etsy shop (look over to the right) for our Facebook Fans (that's what you're called when you "Like" a business page).
If you've been eye-ing a certain item in our shop, head on over to our FB page (again, link is on the right side of this page), fan us and pick up your code for a 30% OFF Discount.
We're shouting out a big Thank You or Merci to all of our fans. Here's to ya!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

1912 Project Update

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Greetings all,
I can't believe that the first quarter of 2012 is over. Where did the time go? I am still working on producing and keeping up with the social media. I have tried the no sleeping bit, but it catches up with you. Oh well, I will keep plugging away.
Besides working on the Chic Chix items (, I have worked on two items for the 1912 Project (
So far, I have received three 1912 Project patterns. While I was working on the first project (a slip) I was wondering if this would be useful for anyone other than the folks who do theatre or belong to period groups. Then I realized that I used a Victoria pattern for my wedding dress. So, Yes, these patterns are for anyone and can be used for every day.
I love this slip pattern. I see it used in so many ways. I have used bleached muslin for the first one, but will be working it in different fabrics and trimmed in different ways.
I was moving along with the instructions that were included with the slip (for those not familiar with the older patterns, they came with little or no instructions) and my sewing experience until I got to the pleats. I want to put these patterns together in the manner that they were originally used so I have not kept up with the notes from the other sewers. Big mistake! It became very apparent that I had never done pleats before. The set I made looked beautiful (my humble opinion!), but were only half what I needed. I removed all the pleats and did some calculations, but it still didn't work. As of today I have a lovely slip minus the pleats on the bottom. I will be reading back through Facebook to help figure out where I went wrong.
Here is my layout for the insertion lace
detail on cutting and pressing for the insertion
pleating the bottom
marking for the pleats

slip back
slip detail

The second pattern is a skirt. It went together very well following the instructions that were included. I see this pattern is a variety of fabric. I am also going to play with some other options for the side scallops.
My next pattern is a hat. Can't wait to get started on it.
Ciao for now,

Initial bias application
second stitching on scallops

finished sample
scallop detail

fashion fabric