Tuesday, November 1, 2011

First Camellia & a Bonus!

Whoa Chickies,
Looks like it's been awhile since a post from any of us. Well, I do apologize, as I've/we've been pretty busy lately what with 3 days of Christmas Shows (Marché en Français, s'il vous plaît) coming up over here in France.
BUT, what urged me to come here today is this: (Edited) Oops, sorry for this first blurry pic.
My view from the french doors
I opened up the shutters this morning, looked over to my right and lo and behold what do I see?
The first beautiful white camellia flower of the season. Do you see the bonus ...it's that little red spot teetering on another bud. Yeah, the one with black spots, a cute little ladybug.

Usually I don't get camellias this early but it has been unusually warm here lately, so I guess the flower goddesses decided to bestow upon me some eye candy.
A little help to get both in the pic
Looks like she's doing that yoga pose downward dog. I wonder if she's hanging her little head because I was neglecting her?
I've been crocheting so fervently in my little corner of the couch, not even venturing out to my little garden. So maybe this is a wake-up call to get out there and admire the wonders of nature before it gets too chilly and unbearable.