Thursday, March 8, 2012

Birth Announcement!!

Yes, we are happy to announce the birth of our new Vintage Boutique!
March 8, 2012 at around 2pm this little Chickie burst on the scene. Since it's International Women's Day today it's only appropriate, n'est-ce pas?
Her name is Chic Chix Vintage, a healthy baby girl with brown, red and blonde hair. Her eyes are blue and green. She's a little small (what do you expect from a newborn?), but plans on growing each day.
She's looking forward to being a feisty, flirty, fun Chick just like her parents and her older Sister.
Please come over and watch her googoo ... you can even Favorite her to keep up with her rapid growth and so as not to lose contact.
Here she is in her Birthday Suit. Yes she was born with a crown.
Oh, one more thing ... she's bilingual (yes, already! We like to start 'em young) so she says "Arrreeuuuuggghhh" in French and "Gooooogoooooo" in English.

Best Regards,
3 Chic Chix