Thursday, October 23, 2014


I'm baaack! No, I did not forget. No, I was not ignoring the blog. Well, maybe a bit because I am way behind on Project Redesign.
Life just has a way of helping me sometimes change my priorities. Instead of working on my redesigned version of the winning Project Runway design for each episode, I have spent time and energy on something that ended up not working out. Now, I am finishing up Halloween costumes. I altered a "chimp" costume for my great nephew and am making a vampire eagle costume for my oldest granddaughter (she's 7). Yep, that's right, vampire eagle. I don't know why she chose a vampire eagle (I asked but didn't get a comprehensible response), but when a grandchild asks you to make something, I do my best to accommodate them. I will include a photo on my next posting.
So, my plan was to have all the Project Redesigns done before the Project Runway finale. Alas, The finale is tonight and unless I stop time or manage to reverse it I will not be done. Fingers crossed that the stars are aligned this weekend and I get everything done.
I am looking forward to seeing the final collections. They are always so inspiring. I will be settling in this Friday with a glass of wine (or 2) and my laptop to take it all in. I know, PR is on Thursday, but I don't have cable. Thanks to Heidi and the folks at PR, I get to see everything the next day.
Signing off for now to make sure both costumes are ready to ship out tomorrow.
Ciao for now,