Project Redesign

Ok, so I freely admit that I am addicted to Project Runway! It is probably the only program that I watched the first episode and have seen all the shows at least once up to now. I usually get bored or it changes so much that it longer interests me. Obviously, it has not happened with Project Runway.
A couple of years ago I decided to recreate the winning Project Runways designs. It fizzled out quickly. I found it was too big of a project for me at that time.
Last year (2/5/13) I decided to give it another try. I managed to get two outfits done and posted before I gave up.
I am now determined to do the entire season. Since a big part of Chic Chix and Champagne is redesigning our thrift store finds, I decided that I would use the winning design to inspire a redo of an item I already have in my stash. In the remote chance that I can't find anything, I will search my favorite charity shops.
If you have never seen Project Runway or want to check out their website, here is the link:
You can see past episodes, pics of past designs, the designer portfolios, etc.
So, here is the first episode winner and my design that was inspired by it. I would love to hear your thoughts.

I found this jacket that had a similar pattern as the winning design. I trimmed the edges and deconstructed part of the sleeves. I then washed it to fray the edges. I made a pink dye bath and dipped the top part of the jacket and bottom of the sleeves to simulate the ombre effect of the original. I added lace and a piece of deconstructed zipper to the sleeve openings.
This was a fun first Project Redesign so I am off to get episode two done.
Ciao for now,