Ponderings and Gratitude

I invite all those folks who deny there is global warming to come to Southern California right now. Last night it was hotter at 2:00 AM then it was at 10:00 PM. That's just not right! It is so hard for me to get anything done in this heat (even with air conditioning and fans). The forecast is for a bit cooler weather the next few days. Yahoo!
Now, I can get back to working on all of the projects I have lined up.
I have to give a gratitude shout out to all the folks who check out our online shops. And an extra special thank you for those who purchase from us. We so appreciate being able to do what we would love to do.
One of my favorite things is a custom order. I enjoy the challenge of making something special for someone. I must admit it can be a bit nerve racking, will they like it, will it fit......
Here are a couple of sweater coats that I have made for a very special lady. She looked at our shop, but didn't find anything that she liked that would fit her. She contacted me about doing a custom order.
So here is the first coat I did for her:

Here are her comments about her coat:
I just received my sweater coat...it is beautiful!! I love it and it fits awesome!! I love the "top"sweater..most button sweater pull and this one doesn't
  Love your work!!

It is a good feeling to know that someone appreciates your work. For me it is extra special when someone makes another purchase from us. I love it that we have someone who gets an idea of something she wants and is confident that we can put it together for her.
So here is what I just did for the same person above. She wanted a "rainbow" sweater coat. This was a bit more of a challenge. I wanted to get the colors just right. You would think with all of the sweaters I have in my stash that it wouldn't be a problem. Wrong. I think it took me longer to search for the right color of sweaters then it did to make it. I have to say that she was happy with the photos. I hope she will be just as happy when she sees it in person.
Stayed tuned for my catch up on Project Redesign.
Ciao for now,