Project Redesign Episodes Four and Five

 My challenge continues with my redesign for episodes 4 and 5.
What's with all the fringe? I have never been a big wearer of fringe so working on these last three designs have been a bigger challenge than the first three.
For those who are reading our blog for the first time here is a recap of what I am doing. Basically, I
love Project Runway and I redesign clothing so I decided to give myself a challenge and redesign the Project Runway weekly winners using my thrift store finds and materials from my stash. Needless to say, I am not usually able to recreate the designs as they were presented on the show. So, I either go for something as close as possible or something that represents the essence of what the judges liked about the design. You can check everything out at
The winner for week four was Amanda. Her design is below. They were given vintage men's formal wear to redesign.
My interpretation is a bit more everyday than the winner. I started with a gray knit empire dress. I used cotton knit for the fringe and added accents of silk triangles.

The winner for week five was Sean. The challenge was a red carpet look for Heidi Klum. I don't buy formal wear so I used a slip for my basic design. I dyed it turquoise. I made an overlay in silk and added a contrast at the hem. One of the comments of the judges was that they liked the fringe contrast.
Here is Sean's look:

Here is my redesign:

I am off to get my redesigns done for weeks 6-8.
Ciao for now,