Project Redesign Week Three

I trust the folks in Canada and the US had an awesome Labor Day.
I had fun "laboring" (actually, not a labor since I love doing  it!) on my week three Project Runway redesign.
Here is the winning look:

I have to admit, this was a challenge. I have a lot of "stash". but nothing that resembles the trim on this dress.
What to do?
Here are the materials I ended up using:

The white sweater dress had a deep raglan sleeve that I removed. I shaped the bodice to resemble the Project Runway look.
I used a gold metallic sweater and  a dark copper metallic sweater scrap to recreate the metal trim.
Here is my final creation:

What do you think?
I am off to get week four done. I am determined to get caught up this week.
Don't forget to check out Project Runway on Thursday nights. You can also check them out at
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Ciao for now,