Full Moon Musings

'Where have those Chic Chix been?' you've probably been asking yourselves. 'And when are they coming back with their wit and whimsy?'
Well ..now we're back! We've been busy personally in both our lives and haven't had made much time to devote to biz projects. But more of that later ...
What in the world have we been doing for all this time? Speaking for myself, (Alysen) and having to do with Artistic Endeavors for the past year, I've been teaching myself Wire Weaving and Metalsmithing as part of changing direction and branding in our Etsy shop. 
In honor of the Full Moon today, I thought I'd share one of my first finished necklace pieces. Granted, it's a half moon, but hey, it's a moon!! Here's a before pic ... meaning before finally deciding on what type of finishing up I wanted other than a boring old chain.
I used bare copper wire and made double ball-end wires using my Blazer torch. I included a Rainbow Moonstone gem (what else?) and just sort of made a freeform-kinda-funky weave.
And here we have the finished masterpiece 😉.
Originally, I wanted to make this dual-duty, as in a brooch incorporated into a bail to detach and wear as a pendant, but alas after several attempts and frustration and some dilly-dallying and soul-searching, I just decided to hammer some paddles, add more squiggly wiggly wire (one of my fave not-too-perfect-and-completely-random designs) and hang "le tout" from some leather cords.
Have you ever noticed that the more you look at a project the more you wanna tweak it? Well, I have that affliction and added another wire to the moon. Then wasn't happy with my 'plain' cords so did 'em up with some beads and flat coiled wire.
Et Voila! a little peek into my trials and errors of self-taught jewelry-making and smithing.