Learning Curves #2 - Laser Photocopy Transfer to Copper

A few months ago, after looking at umpteen YouTube videos and blogs, I decided to try my hand at etching copper. The easiest technique for me at the moment was to get a laser photocopy, transfer with an iron to the metal, stick in the etching solution (a mixture of Muriatic Acid & Hydrogen Peroxide, used with all the precautions suggested) and wait for my masterpiece.  FAIL!
Very First Transfer
I tried 2 different copiers (UPS store & Publix) after asking questions and verifying that these were in fact Toner copiers / printers. Either they weren't the 'right' kind of toner or my iron wasn't hot enough (used my Mom's auto shut-off iron which starts blinking a light after 25 seconds).
But I thought I'd remedied that by (1) using my Steel Bench Block to hold the heat; and (2) tipping up the iron to 'reset' the temperature every time it blinked?!?!

Plan B was to use a Sharpie as a resist ... FAIL!
Some of the Sharpie was eaten by the etchant before it
had time to Etch!!
Interesting effect though!

Plan C was to try Nail Polish, which worked for larger areas, but ya can't get details ... FAIL! And I may have left these in the etchant a little too long ....
I saved these because I like the look!
And this artist's mind is forever optimistic!
Plan D (after more research) was to buy and use Deco Color Paint Pens in Extra Fine, Fine and Broad. And last but definitely NOT least, the Remover Pen. SUCCESS! With a drawback ... I have to draw the resist freehand or try to follow the faint really faint traces of  non-transferred image. Which is where the coveted Remover Pen comes in really, really handy. I use it with my kleenex-covered fingernail or dab a sharper object on the pen to scrape/remove paint. Then repeat several times 😐😐

The Red Licorice keeps my hand steady!
Etched Sunflower Petals

The last two projects, above & below, have come out beautifully (if I do say so myself), though with a dimpled texture in the etched recesses. I can live with that. I like the Rustic kind of look.
But I'm NOT an illustrator and I want to etch more detailed designs.Waaahh 😭😭.
Soooo, in spite of all the new technology available, I'm going to go back to the good ole fashioned Tracing Paper & Carbon Paper Transfer for my next project. Stay tuned to see how it works out.
And maybe invest in a laser printer when I get back home someday!!!
What I had to fill in freehand with the pens ...

... In order to get this (see next Reveal post
on October 30 to see this project)