Chatter From Cali

Where has 2018 gone? It seems like the last time I posted anything 2018 had just started. I have so much to catch up on and/or finish. It is time to get going again. Big decision, where to start?
I realized while sorting my craft room that I have a LOT of ties. I had been collecting them for our vintage shop, but never seem to get them listed. OR, maybe I don't want to let loose of any of them?
I love ties. Not sure why. Maybe it's because my dad wore one five days a week. Maybe it's because they are one of the ways a guy can express themselves no matter how conservative the rest of their dress is? Do ties tell a story? Do they express the mood of the wearer? Do guys choose their tie as carefully as a women would choose her outfit? What would a tie say if it could talk? Perhaps it is because they have great fabrics and patterns?
Maybe I am overthinking this? It is time for me to sort through the ties. One stack for designer ties. One for rare/unique ties. Another stack for character ties. Yet another for collectable and special editions. Yikes! Then a stack that I like the color or pattern, but will refashion them.
I am going to start with the ties below. I think they are some of the more unique and are a good cross section.
If you are into ties, please be sure to check out our listings on Etsy at ChicChixVintage.
Ciao for now,